Create a New AIS Central Account

This guide is for users who are new to the RAI online learning system.  You will learn how to create your new user account that will give you access to AIS Central.  AIS Central is a website which is your home for all your online courses, evaluations and results.



NOTE:  If you already have an AIS Central user account, but cannot remember the user name or password, please contact your local RAI help contact and they will be able to help you get in to your account.  Do not try to create a new account.


How do I sign up for an account?

To begin, go to the  AIS Central login page by typing it into your browser :

You will see the following login screen.  Click the ‘Register here’ link on that page – it is shown highlighted below.


Step 1 – Enter your Access Code

Your facility has an Access Code that allows you to create new user accounts.  It should be provided to you by your education coordinator or RAI team leader.  Enter it in the first registration window and click the ‘Next’ button.  If you are copying and pasting this access code from an email, be very careful not to include spaces before or after the code, or it will not work.


Step 2 – Enter your Personal Info

On this window, enter your first and last name.  Then, select a Role from the list provided.  This is a job role which will dictate which courses and evaluations are available to you.  If you are not sure what to put here, leave this field as (None) and contact your RAI education help contact.

Next, enter a ‘User Name’.  This User Name is important because this is the ID you will use every time to log in to yourcourseware at AIS Central.  If you have an email address, we strongly recommend using it as your User Name.  Doing this will allow you to recover your password by email if you forget it and will allow you to get reminder emails about evaluation due dates (if your organization uses this feature).


If you do not have an email address, be sure to field below to “I do not have an email address”



  • You will only be setting up a user account once.  Do not re-register and create additional users for yourself.  If you forget your user name or password, contact your RAI education coordinator.
  • Using your email address as a User Name will allow you to recover your password by email if you forget it.  Also, ensure the Organization shown in red at the top of the Step 2 window is your organization.  


Next, specify and re-type to confirm your Password.  You must also select a Security Question and Answer which will help with the recovery of forgotten passwords. Click the ‘Continue’ button to move to the next step.

Step 3 – Confirm your Information

In this step, you should review what you have entered -- you will need the user name and password every time you access AIS Central.  If you need to change any information, click the ‘Change’ button.  If the information you entered looks correct, click the ‘Confirm’ button.

Step 4 – Log In

You are finished!  This window confirms your new AIS Central user account.  

Click the link  to go to the AIS Central login page and enter your new user name and password.